On-site LFT COVID-19 self-testing guide

Follow this instruction to correctly complete your test.

In your self-test kit, you will find a test cassette in sealed pack, extraction buffer tube in a sealed pack, disposable swab and waste bag.

If you notice anything damaged, broken, missing or difficult to use in the kit, do not use it and ask for a replacement. 


1. Clear, clean and dry a flat surface immediately before starting the test.


2. Wash or sanitise your hands. Make sure they are dry before starting the test


3. Take the test cassette out of the sealed bag and place it onto a clean flat surface. please make sure once opened,  the test will be used within 30 minutes.


4. Keeping the extraction buffer tube away from your face, carefully peel off the sealing film on the tube to avoid spilling any fluid. If the liquid in the extraction buffer tube gets onto the skin or into eyes, wash immediately. If the liquid will irritate area exposed to it seek medical help if necessary.


5. Insert the extraction buffer tube into the tube holder to avoid spilling the buffer.


6. Find the swab in the sealed wrapper and identify the soft, fabric tip. Make sure you do not touch the soft, fabric tip of the swab.


7. Peel open the swab packaging only when you are ready to use. Gently take out the swab and avoid touching the fabric tip.


8. Insert the entire fabric tip of the swab into one nostril. Using gentle rotation, push the swab less than 2.5 cm from the edge of the nostril. This may feel uncomfortable. Do not insert the swab any deeper if you feel strong resistance or pain.


9. Rotate the swab 5 times brushing against the inside of the nostril.


10. Remove the swab and insert the same swab into the other nostril. Repeat step 8 and step 9.


11. Pick up the extraction buffer tube and place the fabric tip of the swab into the tube so it is in the liquid. Press the tip against the edge of the extraction buffer tube with force, while rotating it around the tube for 30 seconds.


12. Rotate the swab 5 times while squeezing the side of the tube. This is to transfer your sample into the liquid.


13. Pinch the extraction buffer tube against the swab as you remove it. Make sure you remove all liquid from the soft tip of the swab. Place the swab in the waste bag provided


14. Attach the dropper tip firmly onto the extraction buffer tube. Mix thoroughly by swirling or flicking the bottom of the tube


15. Ensure the test kit is on a clean and flat surface. Do not move the cassette during the test.


16. Gently squeeze the extraction buffer tube to place 4 drops of the liquid into the specimen well (S) on the test cassette. Make sure that you are dropping liquid and not an air bubble. Put the extraction buffer tube in the waste bag.


17. Check the time and set a timer. Wait 15 minutes before you read your result. Read the result when the timer reaches 15-30 minutes. Do not read/record after 30 minutes.


18. How to read the test:


a). if your test is Void result: control line (C) fails to appear. You must repeat the test.

b). Negative result, One coloured line appears in the control line region (C). No line appears in the test line region (T). You can enter the site.

c). Positive result. Two lines appear. One coloured line should be in the control line region (C), and another coloured line should be in the test line region (T) Two lines, one next to C and one next to T, even faint lines, shows the test is positive.


a. Void


b. Negative


c. Positive

19. Report your result in the site record log form by clicking button "Submit result" All results must be submitted ("Void", "Negative" or "Positive")

If you get a positive result, it is likely you are currently infected with COVID-19 and risk infecting others. You should self-isolate. ?You should also report the test to NHS you will be provided with further information on the next steps to take.

If you get a negative result, it is likely you were not infectious at the time the test was taken. A negative test result, however, is not a guarantee that you do not have COVID-19. If you test negative, you should continue to follow national and local rules and guidelines, including regular handwashing, social distancing and wearing face coverings where required.

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